grocery CRUD

grocery CRUD is a library that makes a developer’s life easier. Just few lines of code and you can create a full stable CRUD with nice views. A totally automatic system that even a newbie in PHP can work with.

Full your bags (not bugs!) with the operations that you need and that’s it. To get into the world of simple programming , just open the door of our grocery, we are open!!

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3 really simple things that you often spend days…

As a php web developer you will often have the problem to create a simple, stable and secure backoffice system. How many crud different did you create for you customers? I suppose many . How much time did you spend to create them? It actually takes a lot of time (sometimes weeks) to create all the business logic, the models and the views again from the beginning for each table. As you can see there are similar things in those projects. The Create ( or else Add) the Update (or else Edit) and the Delete. With grocery Crud and with the power of codeigniter , you can create a full CRUD in just one minute.

With this Codeigniter CRUD generator , you don’t have to copy all your css, JavaScripts, tables, forms, lists, functions , models, libraries, views again and again to your backoffice system. Just few lines of code and you are ready to have your own CMS.

Below there are some examples of the basic features of the codeigniter CRUD

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