“Who Is Online” Widget With PHP, MySQL & jQuery

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For this week’s tutorial, we are taking a look at our ever-so-interesting inbox. It all started with a letter from one of our readers a couple of weeks ago:

My boss is always coming into my office asking me to install things on our client’s sites. One of the items that’s been coming up more and more is “How can we tell who’s currently online?” So, the next time you need a tutorial idea, there you go – a php/mysql/jquery ‘online users’ widget. Oh, and a geomap of each visitor would be super rad too.

Thanks for everything you guys do,

Taylor, we are always happy when we receive good tutorial ideas, so today we are doing just that – a “Who is online” widget with PHP, MySQL & jQuery. It will display the number of visitors, currently viewing your site, and thanks to Hostip’s free IP to location API, it will even be able to detect the country your visitors are from and display it in a slide out panel.




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