Aviosys 9258 Faq

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Q1. How do I reset the device password if I have forgetten the password?
1.) In the login page use the username: “super user” (There is a space between super and user)
2.) Leave the password field blank and click “Okay”.
3.) Turn the power off on the device for about 30 seconds, then turn it back On
4.) Log Back in the device with default login and password.
Default Login/Password: admin/12345678
5.) Then do not forget to create a new password.
Q2. How do I reset the device back to manufacturer default settings?

1.) Turn on the 9258.
2.) Press the two buttons located on the front panel of the device and hold down.
3.) You should hear 3 consecutive beeps with the third beep (beep, beep, and BeeeeeeeeP) being longer than the other two.
4.) Once you have heard the 3 beeps release the two buttons and turn off then turn on the device
5.) Everything will revert back to factory default settings:
Username: admin
Password: 12345678
IP Address:
Default Gateway:
Q3. What do I do when I receive a cookie timed out problem when I log in to my device?
When you encounter a cookie timed out error.
You will need to clear the cache on your internet explorer.
Q4. Where could I obtain the CGI or Http Commands for the IP Power 9258?
All the CGI or Http commands used for integration are available from the owners manual. Please download the most updated copy from:
Q5. Does the 9258 Support PHP?
No the 9258 currently, does not support PHP
Q6. What is the RS232 (Serial Port) on the 9258 for?

The Serial port on the 9258 is used for serveral reasons:
1.) Debugging the hardware
2.) Integration with other systems
3.) Find the IP Address of the Device if update fails.
Q7. I cannot find my device on IPEdit?
If you are having troubles detecting your device with IPEdit:
1.) Make sure you have downloaded the most updated version
2.) Try connecting the 9258 directly to your computer without a router or hub in between. Meaning connect the RJ45 Ethernet cable from your computer to the device.
3.) Open IPEdit and check to see if 9258 can be detected. If not, refer to the manual on how to get to the update page with the RS232 on page 32.


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