How to Stealth Patch Your 360 Games

Alright now I should have done this before making my How to Burn a 360 Game guide first since this is what you want to do in the beginning. So here we go- How to stealth patch your 360 games.

Things you will need-
1. .iso file. (.dvd file optional)
2. ABGX tutorial (…utorial-809679/ )
3. ABGX (download here- )


1. Have your .iso and .dvd file (if you have it) ready in your desktop or in the same folder. Read this to find out how to backup your original games.…iewtopic&t=1191
2. Download and install ABGX.
3. Start up ABGX. Now you will need to tweak the settings. Using the tutorial, do so.
4. Now that you have all of the settings changed, let’s check the 360 game.

OK I will be using Too Human as an example (Protip- click the pictures to make them bigger)-

5. Start up ABGX again (if you have closed it).
6. Open your .iso file

7. Your .iso file should now be selected-

8. Now click the AutoFix tab and then in the bottom click the huge button that says “Launch”. It’s the one button that goes from blue to green as shown-

9. Now a new window will pop up. Just let it do its thing and watch in amazement. The first thing it does is it checks if the database needs updating. Then it checks the .dvd file. If there is not one then the program will make one for you.

What you want to see is all green/blue. If there is red then something might be wrong. If there is yellow in the verification failed then that means that the game is not yet in the database. You will have to wait until it is.

Alright so as you can see everything is green/blue. Now do what the program says and press any key to exit out.

Finally all you need to do is to burn the game. Follow this guide to do so-

SECTION II: How to Check if Your Burned 360 Games are Stealth Patched-

Have some games burned on a disc that you forgot to check if they are stealth patched properly? Don’t want to rip the .iso? Don’t have the HDD space? No worries, ABGX can check the data from disc.

OK I will be using Afro Samurai (or Alfo Samurai as it says lol) as an example (Protip- click the pictures to make them bigger)-

1. Open up ABGX.
2. Click AutoFix-

3. Click the drop-down menu in the Input box-

4. Click DVD Drive-

5. Select the DVD Drive you are using to read the DVD-

6. Click the big button in the bottom that turns from blue to green-

7. Now let ABGX do its thing. You will want to see all blue and green- no red.

And that’s it. If it’s not stealth patched properly then you will need to rip the .iso and run it through ABGX so that theprogram can fix it.

Finally all you need to do is to burn the game. Follow this guide to do so-

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