Guide to Dynamic Keyword Insertion on AdWords

There isn’t much information about this on DP or in fact on the AdWords site (In fact i’ve heard it isn’t an officially supported feature!) so I’ve put together this quick guide to DKI and how to use it effectively. Please add your own tips or comments!

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What is Dynamic Keyword Insertion? (DKI)
DKI is a feature of AdWords which allows you to dynamically use the keywords that users search for to be displayed as part of your advert. This can be useful for the following reasons:

  1. Words in your ad copy that match keywords users type in are highlighted in bold, helping your ad stand out from the competition
  2. Your adverts will appear more relevant to the user as they use the keyterms that triggered the advert, which will usually increase CTR.
  3. You can use one adgroup to cover a range of slightly different but related keyterms, therefore maximising your ad relevance without having to type an advert for eachkeyword variation

Where can I use Dynamic Keyword Insertion?
You can use DKI anywhere in your adverts.. in the title, description line 1 or 2, display url and in your destination url (Usually for tracking purposes, be careful not to break your links with this method!)
Ok, how do I use Dynamic Keyword Insertion then?
You specify how you’d like the dynamic keywords displayed, and give a default phrase which will be displayed if your dynamic keywords cannot for whatever reason. The format is below:
You can also use the following capitalization on the work ‘keyword’ to get different effects:

  • keyword – no capitalization
  • Keyword – First word is capitalized
  • KeyWord – Every Word Is Capitalized
  • KEYword – EVERY letter in first word is capitalized
  • KEYWord – LIKE Above But With Each Word Capitalized



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Keyterm in your adgroup: 'blue widgets'

Blue Widgets
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