– True cross-browser AJAX inline editing datagrid
– Supports all HTML form controls
– Integrated search toolbar
– Master detail datagrid
– Capable of displaying image
– Web-based form and inline editing
– MS Excel and HTML data export
– User rights data access permission control
– Customize look and feel through theme roller
– Built-in record sort by any column
– Fully supports all modern web browsers
– Databases support: MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and more.
– Handles large database record sets
– and moreā€¦


Grid-based editing, create, read, update and delete (CRUD), are the most common operations for web developers. With phpGrid web-based data editing is easy. Even with little programming background, one can develop professional looking, AJAX-enabled PHP datagrids in just a few minutes.

Master Detail Datagrid

With just one simple function call, you will have an interactive master detail datagrid.


Multiple Editable PHP datagrids

You can now perform all your content administrative tasks in one page.


Master with Multiple Detail Grids

A master datagrid can have more than one detail datagrids. There is no limit on how many detail grids it can have.


Column Grouping with Summary

phpGrid can group data by column by simply defining a column name using grouping method.




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