How to Flash your Dreambox using Dreamup

How Do I Use Dreamup?

If, for any reason, your dreambox won’t boot, you will have to use Dreamup to flash an image instead of Flash Wizard Pro or any other method. You won’t be able to connect via ethernet so no ip address is required. It may be that the process simply hung up during flashing or you accidentally pulled the plug half way through (yes it did happen to me). This will get you back on track.


  • Null Modem Cable
  • Image File (.img)
  • DreamUp Program


  • Disconnect all cables from your dreambox, including the power
  • Connect the null modem cable to the dreambox and to your PC
  • Load Dreamup.exe
  • Click Connect and you will see a message like this


  • Connect the power and the bootloader should be copied to the box
  • The message should now say ‘Box attached and Ready’
  • Click Flash on the right hand side and select the image to be flashed
  • Click Yes or Ya (depending on the version)

Note: If you’re flashing a backup image, select NO.

  • The image should then be uploaded to the box
  • There will be a countdown timer at the bottom of the program



  • After the image is uploaded, it will be flashed to memory
  • The finished process should look like this:


  • Click OK and close down Dreamup
  • Power off the dreambox for 30 seconds then power up
  • If any errors appear, check all cables are connected properly and repeat the process but do not use the PC while it’s running

Good Luck!

If you have any questions, please visit our Dreambox Forum.

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