Photoshop Video Wall Tutorial

For elements and photoshop

When you first open the psd file in elements this might pop-up:
unknown data has been encountered reading layer 1 and will be discarded. Just click on “read composite date” and it will be fine.

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Now for the tut
File>new layer, this is the size I used 13ins by 9ins at 150spi. But you can use any size
Fill with black
new blank layer fill with a bright color
add the wall layer (I just dragged it onto the layer pallete
Move the wall to where ever you want it, resize it if you need to
Back to the bright color layer, using transform use resize it till it mostly is inside the black border on wall. Use the eraser tool to remove the rest of the bright color outside the wall
Add your image above the bright layer and do a layer>group with previous
now back to the black layer and add a linear gradient. I used a black to grey one.
Add text is you want.
If you have any questions give a holler

Screenshot of layers:


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Psd of wall : … _wall.html

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