How to capture streaming videos from the Internet

Download-helper Websites

KeepVid and YouTube Downloader are download-helper websites that allow users to provide them with the video links. These videos will hence be catalogued and uploaded to the site. They are not video hosting websites like YouTube or Dailymotion; they provide a browser-based service from as the user only has to enter the video’s URL in the field provided and choose its source from the list. The file formats in FLV can be converted into Mpeg video formats on Keepvid. [ad code=1 align=center]

Download Links:

Youtube Downloader:

Firefox extension

Mozilla Firefox is a web browser that allows you to grab online videos with its additional Video Downloader extension. This application runs both on Windows and Mac OS X operating systems.

Mozilla Firefox 3.1 can be downloaded at:

Install Mozilla Firefox

1. Choose Save when the file download window opens and select the path where you want the set up extension to be saved in.


2. When the download is completed, Click Open
3. This will prompt theSet Up Wizard and you will be free to make all the necessary changes concerning its installation. If you do not want to make any changes to the installation settings, check the box labeled “I agree to the terms and conditions of the program” and proceed by clicking Next until installation completes.


Install Mozilla Firefox Video Downloader

When Firefox’s installation is complete, you can now download the Video Downloader extension at

1. When prompted to download the software extension, click Save
2. From the Mozilla Firefox folder in your “Program Files” save the add-on in the “Extensions” folder.
3. When download is complete, choose “Close”
4. When you will open the Mozilla Firefox browser window, it will ask you if you want to install the add-on. Click “Install Now”
5. After installation, the toolbar should have the /s/image-http-img291-imageshack-us-img291-9796-3006gy3-png icon located to the left-hand side of your address bar.
6. You should first load the page containing the video stream to use this option. Once you have loaded the right page, click on the down arrow next to your video downloader icon and choose the format you want to save the video. By default it will save it as an FLV format file.
7. Choose the path where you want the video to be saved to.

Note: Winamp’s latest versions can play FLV format files. You can download the program at:

Commercial softwares

There are available commercial softwares online that require installation. They can be used to download the streaming videos to your computer. Some have the option to convert your FLV format files into Mpeg or AVI files.

Download Link:
Type: Free

Replay AV
Download Link:
Type: Trial version

WM Recorder
Download Link:
Type: Trial version

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