Duplicate entries in your Address Book!

Keeping everything in perfect order on your computer is not always as easy as it seems, especially when you are very busy. That is why you sometimes have to clean up your hard drive and delete unnecessary¬†files. The same is true in every application. One of the best way of cleaning up your¬†addressbook is to delete duplicates. When you are on the phone and someone gives you a phone number, you don’t have time to search for the right place to put it. You just create a new card and put the info there. After a while, you’ll realize you have many cards for the same person, each card having a part of the info. Address Book has a great feature that will search through all the entries and find the duplicates. It will then let you merge them. You won’t need to worry about copying the info from one card to the other, because the merge feature cleverly adds the information. To use this feature, choose “Look for Duplicate Entries…” from the Card menu. If you find two cards that need to be merged that this feature didn’t bring up (the name is not exactly the same, etc), you can also choose “Merge Selected Cards” from the Card menu.

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