Zoom in on a Web page

Zoom in on a Web page

With Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 you can make Web pages easier to read by magnifying the page (zooming in). If you zoom in, everything on the Web page will be magnified (including text, images, and controls). Zooming will change the magnification of the Web site, regardless of the Web site’s formatting. See also Change text size on Web pages.

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Mouse actions Keyboard actions
1 On the Start menu:

  • Select Internet Explorer 7.
Display the Start menu by pressing the Windows logo key Windows logo key.

  • Select Internet Explorer 7 by using the arrow keys, then ENTER.
2 To zoom in or out on a Web page:

  • Click the Magnifying glass icon at the bottom right corner of the Internet Explorer window. Or, select the arrow to open the list of options and select one.
To zoom in or out on a Web page:

  • Press CTRL + PLUS SIGN (+) to zoom in, or CTRL + HYPHEN (-) to zoom out.
Screenshot of Web zoom

Example of Web page zoom at 200%

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