jQuery Plugins and Demos

jQuery Plugins and Demos


BlockUI Plugin (Updated 29-MAR-2010)
Simulate synchronous ajax by blocking – not locking – the UI.
Corner plugin (Updated 11-MAR-2010)
Rounded corners without images. Plus lots of other corner adornments.
Cycle Plugin (Updated 05-APR-2010)
Image or text slideshows with numerous transition options.
Feeds Plugin (Updated 11-MAY-2007)
A jQuery wrapper for the Google AJAX Feed API.
Form Plugin (Updated 12-MAR-2010)
All kinds of information about the Form Plugin including a quick start guide, code samples, API documentation, a FAQ and more.
HoverPulse Plugin (Updated 26-FEB-2009)
Pulse an image on mouse hover.
Media Plugin (Updated 24-SEP-2009)
One plugin for handling your Flash, Quicktime, Windows Media Player, Real Player, MP3, Silverlight and more.
Taconite Plugin (Updated 01-MAR-2010)
A port of Taconite to jQuery. Make multiple DOM manipulations in response to a single remote call.
Twitter Search Plugin (Updated 05-APR-2010)
Quick and easy way to add twitter searches to your website.


Ajax Events Demo (Added 26-OCT-2008)
Demonstrates how jQuery’s global ajax events work.
Custom Expressions Demo
Demo page which shows how you can extend jQuery’s ‘:’ expressions with your own favorites.

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