Disable Dr Web notification emails in Plesk

[FIX] Getting a lot of notification from DrWeb.

Last updated by: system APPLIES TO:

  • Plesk 7.x for Windows
  • Plesk 8.x for Windows
  • Plesk 9.x for Windows


It is possible to disable notifications from DrWeb. In order to do so, several corrections should be made in the Plesk database:

1.Connect to the database:

"%plesk_dir%\mysql\bin\mysql" -uadmin -padmin_password -P8306 psa

2. Make sure that the record  regarding antivirus notifications exists in psa.misc table. It can be verified using the following SQL query:

select val from misc where param = 'AntivirusNotifyAdmin';

The query should return one of the values below:
0 – notifications are disabled;
1 – notifications are enabled;
Notification can be enabled or disabled by switching the parameter using one of the queries below:

To disable notifications

update misc set val='0' where param = 'AntivirusNotifyAdmin';

To enable notifications

update misc set val='1' where param = 'AntivirusNotifyAdmin';

Non-existent record can be inserted using the query:

insert into misc values ('AntivirusNotifyAdmin','0');

Notifications to sender and/or recipient of infected email can also be enabled by adding the values as below:

‘AntivirusNotifyAdmin’ – parameter¬†controls notifications to Plesk administrator.

‘AntivirusNotifySender’ – email sender will be notified about an infected email.

‘AntivirusNotifyRecipients’ – email recipient will be notified about an infected email.


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