Installing mcrypt – what to do to work with php

After a lot of research, as I couldn’t find answers on forums and other places. I found on they released some rpm packages to integrate mcrypt and mhash with php.

First we need to install mcrypt and mhash as follows:

1) Install mcrypt & mhash
yum install mcrypt*
yum install mhash*

answer y to the question if matched your system (it should).

2) enable support for php. requires php-mcrypt and php-mhash packages:
yum install php-mcrypt*
yum install php-mhash*

If you get an error saying packages not signed (unsigned packages), do the following:
edit /etc/yum.conf
gpgcheck=1 to gpgcheck=0

attemp step 2 again. Once completed change back yum.conf

Hope this helps and saves anybody else.

C. Lozano

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