Fingertapps is a next-generation software platform for delivering commercial quality multi-touch solutions. Using our experience, expertise and technology we can help you deliver multi-touch software applications that look stunning and deliver a natural user interface experience that your audience will love.

Interactive Show Room Display – Lexus

This innovative, in-showroom solution was developed for the Lexus ISF launch. It enables customers to browse high-quality product and marketing information, encouraging them to explore product options on their own or with a sales person; all the while reducing paper and print costs. This example uses the Fingertapps 3D Product Viewer and Zoomer, along with a range of high-quality product images and videos.

Dell TouchZone

Dell TouchZone is a ground breaking multi-touch application suite developed for the Dell Studio One. TouchZone includes applications for image viewing and manipulation (including uploading images to Flickr), local music search and playback, viewing of videos and the creation of quick notes and reminders for the family. There is also the highly addictive DrumZone music game.

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