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 The ShareThis plugin for Joomla! provides an unobtrusive way for your visitors to post your Joomla! content to various social bookmarking sites, or send a link via e-mail & other communication channels (like Facebook and MySpace) to a friend.
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Content Plugin: 

The following parameters are available for managing/customizing the ShareThis content plugin; 

Enable ShareThis button: Enable/disable all ShareThis plugins.
Button Class Suffix: Specify a custom style for the ShareThis button.
Automatic inclusion: Include the ShareThis button automatically in either header, logo area or footer.
The ShareThis custom text: Custom label for the ShareThis button. Can be static text or a language constant. Only available with custom button.
The ShareThis icon path: Absolute or relative path to the ShareThis icon. Only available with custom button.
Show Social Web tab: Shows the Social Web tab on the ShareThis popup. 
Show Post tab: Shows the Post tab on the ShareThis popup 
Show Send/Email tab: Shows the Send/Email tab on the ShareThis popup 
Publisher Id: in ShareThis Specifies your publisher id. A publisher id can be obtained from your ShareThis account, or, if you do not have a ShareThis account, you can create one by registering at You sould specify a publisher id if you wish to collect information and statistics about your ShareThis plugin’s usage.
Share Content: Share content of the article as part of the ShareThis button.

You can also specify advanced parameters for changing the colour scheme of the ShareThis widget and for customizing Javascript based features;

Enable Popup: Launch the widget in a new window rather than an iFrame.
Enable Embeds: Allow embedded elements such as Flash to be seen while iFrame is loading.
User-defined onclick: Allow for execution of a custom function when button is clicked.
Offset Top: Change the vertical positioning of the ShareThis widget in relation to the button link.
Offset Left: Change the horizontal positioning of the ShareThis widget in relation to the button link.
Header Background: Hexadecimal colour of the Widget’s header background.
Inactive Tab Background: Hexadecimal colour of the Widget’s inactive tab background.
Inactive Tab Text: Hexadecimal colour of the Widget’s inactive tab text.
Body Links: Hexadecimal colour of the Widget’s body links.
Choose Services List: Have ShareThis list the default services or specify a custom list.
Custom Web Services: A custom list of services available via the ShareThis button. Only available if Choose Services List is set to Custom.

Embedding ShareThis In An Article

To embed a ShareThis button in an article, either select the ShareThis editor button at the bottom of the wysiwyg editor or specify {sharethis} in your article.

The ShareThis plugin will automatically populate the ShareThis button’s parameters using the article’s information. The ShareThis button parameters are mapped to the Joomla! article like so;

Title: The article’s title
URL: The article’s url
Description: The alternative readmore text
Content: The article body. The ShareThis button will include all content unless a Read More plugin has been embedded in the article. In this case, the ShareThis plugin will only include text up to the Read More plugin
Published: The created date of the article

You can also specify a number of configuration settings on a per ShareThis button basis, separating each name, value pair with the pipe symbol “|”. Per button settings include;


  • enable=yes|no (Enable ShareThis button)
  • icon=http://url/to/custom/icon (The ShareThis icon path. If not blank then custom button is also true)
  • label=<custom label> (The ShareThis custom label)
  • web_tab=yes|no (Show Social Web tab)
  • post_tab=yes|no (Show Post tab)
  • email_tab=yes|no (Show Send/Email tab)
  • share_content=yes|no (Replaces sharecontent)
  • popup=yes|no (Enable Popup)
  • embed=yes|no (Enable Embeds)
  • onclick=<custom function name> (User-defined onclick)
  • offset_top=<int> (Offset Top)
  • offset_left=<int> (Offset Left)
  • header_bg=<hexadecimal value> (Header Background)
  • inactive_tab_bg=<hexadecimal value> (Inactive Tab Background)
  • inactive_tab_text=<hexadecimal value> (Inactive Tab Text)
  • body_links=<hexadecimal value> (Body Links)

For example, if you wanted to turn content off, change the label and change the left offset of the popup, you would define the {sharethis} declaration like so;

{sharethis sharecontent=false|label=Share Me|offset_left=20}

You may find that articles with complex formatting do not render properly when the ShareThis plugin is included in the article’s body. If this is the case, use the sharecontent parameter to turn content sharing off, or specify a Read More plugin in your article to limit the amount of text embedded in the ShareThis content parameter.

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