Anti-Virus for Ubuntu


As you know the Windows operating system allows application programs to access to system files. This makes viruses spread over the whole system easily to do damage on your system. Linux is strict with its permissions. A virus cannot gain the necessary privileges to destroy your system unless you want to do as a super user. In order words, your system files are protected at the high level. That is the reason why most of Linux users don’t need a virus protection. So, I wonder that do we need an anti-virus for our Ubuntu box? 

In my opinion, the most valuable resource is your data. Hence, it need to be protected as well. Indeed, I always lock the door before I leave my house. Do you think that Linux viruses are coming? So, this tutorial will guide you how to install a Virus Scanner to protect your data. This installation can be applied for both Ubuntu and Kubuntu Gutsy.

Step 1: Install a Virus Scanner

sudo apt-get install clamtk

Sep 2: Start up the tool (read more details about this tool here)


Step 3: Open a file or a folder to scan

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