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Most of you have most probably heard of Experts-Exchange. It’s a website which allows you to ask questions to “experts”, somewhat akin to a Yahoo Answers on steroids.

Anyway, checking my daily visited sites, I found an article that found a backdoor signup link for an account, albeit a limited account. I do not know what does “limited” in this case mean, maybe it’s the number of question points given to you? 

Using the limited account I created, I was able to view solutions without the nagging “Register to view all solutions” sign. 

If you’re interested, than go to this relatively unknown (soon to be well-known) free signup link

Or why not just sign up at Experts-Exchange Plus for free?

Source: Megaleecher

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Paid Subscription

The best way to get full-access to site with the ability to ask questions from experts is to signup for an Experts-Exchange account, but using the Signup link provided on the website requires credit-card to purchase the premium membership as shown below.

Experts-Exchange.Com Premium Account

However, there is a pretty unknown backdoor signup link allowing you to signup for free as shown below.

UPDATE : The hack is now getting blocked by Experts-Exchange for Indian (and probably other non-english countries) visitors, to get around this limitation simply use a proxy solution.

Free Experts-Exchange.Com Account

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