Superfetch stopped working

This is for Vista as well as XP.

It worked for me, no guarantees, but it worked

Go to the start button,

select run

type in prefetch

click ok

when the screen comes up with a list

delete all of them

this should take care of the superfetch problem (There is a little more to superfetch in Vista than in XP= but I don’t know any more than what I posted) good luck and I hope this works for you, it is much easier than doing a complete restore.

How to Disable SuperFetch on Windows Vista

The SuperFetch service in Windows Vista preloads your system’s memory with the applications that you use most often. This makes launching of those applications much faster, but it might be an unwanted behavior for system tweakers or gamers.

There’s no hard evidence that enabling or disabling this service will increase performance in general, but if you open and close applications often you should definitely leave it alone. You will have to test your configuration to know for sure.

Note that I don’t recommend disabling this service, but we try to cover how to do everything on Vista.

Open up Services in Control Panel or by typing services.msc into the Start menu search or run boxes.


Double-click on Superfetch in the list to open up the properties, and then change the drop-down to “Disabled”. You can also click Stop to immediately turn it off.


I don’t recommend this tweak for regular users, but somebody might find it useful.


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