BIND update causes DNS Server failure

Definitely sounds like bind-chroot is the culprit. I’ve had a few problems with it myself. Once you’ve removed it from your machine

yum remove bind-chroot
service named start

add the following line to your yum.conf file under the [main] section



Is it safe to update system packages using the operating system package manager?

Article ID: 234
Last Review: Dec,25 2007


  • Plesk


Yes, it is safe and moreover we recommend to use ‘yum’ (or ‘apt-get’ on Debian) to keep the system up-to-dated.

However some packages may conflict with Plesk or another software, they can be added into skip list. It is recommended to use the following settings:

– for up2date, add into /etc/sysconfig/rhn/up2date:


– for yum, add into /etc/yum.conf:

exclude kernel* sendmail bind-chroot caching-nameserver

What actions should be done after Apache upgrade on the Plesk system see article 762

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