Enable remote Connection sql server 2008

Did you enable TCP/IP from Configuration manager? By default it is disabled and you need to enable it to connect from a remote client.   To enable TCP/IP: 1. run SQL Server Configuration manager 2. select SQL Server Network Configuration 3. select Protocols for ‘instancename’ 4. right click on TCP/IP and select ‘enable’   Do …

My-sql comma values query

Show values 1,2,22,11 mysql_select_db($database_cdl_cms, $cdl_cms); $query_photos = “SELECT * FROM table WHERE ex_ID IN (1,2,22,11)”; $photos = mysql_query($query_photos, $cdl_cms) or die(mysql_error()); $row_photos = mysql_fetch_assoc($photos); $totalRows_photos = mysql_num_rows($photos); or LIKE ‘%”.$_GET[‘cc_id’].”%’