Tηλεφωνικο Κεντρο PBX Asterisk+SPA3102

Σπιτι εχω OnTelecoms που σημαινει οτι εχω δωρεαν απεριοσριστα Αστικα, Υπεραστικα και 15 Διεθνεις προορισμους (Γερμανια, Αγγλια, USA, Αυστραλια, Ιταλια κλπ) Εχω στησει ενα Asterisk σ’ένα παλιο υπολογιστη που ειχα.

Linux Open Source Telephony Projects Voices

AsteriskNOW AsteriskNOW is an open source Software Appliance based on CentOS. As it provides a modified kernel, please don’t ask for help on CentOS channels but seek help from them. Quoting from their document, AsteriskNOW 1.5.0 released: “As always, please use http://bugs.digium.com/ and http://forums.digium.com/ for issues and feed.”

change maint password to trixbox

Its very simple to chage the passwords log into the asterisk box, ie command prompt, you can do this through puttty or a terminal window. The password you need to change are the following passwd will change your route password passwd-amp is your portal password passwd-maint will change your admin for free pbx passwd-meetme to …

Feature Codes for Trixbox

Handset Feature Code Action *30 Blacklist a number *31 Remove a number from the blacklist *32 Blacklist the last caller *52 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Activate *53 Call Forward No Answer/Unavailable Deactivate *72 Call Forward All Activate *73 Call Forward All Deactivate *74 Call Forward All Prompting Deactivate *90 Call Forward Busy Activate *91 Call …